DJ Peter Gonzalez

Peter’s current residencies include prestigious hotspots like Hard Rock Casino, Four, Ciao, Camelot, Level 2, 123 Datura, Bradleys on The Beach, AQUA Dayclub. Peter has also partnered with brands such as Love Music Group (LMG) for all corporate events.

Feel the music
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Love music. Love performing. Love events.

Peter Gonzalez, LLC understands that quality matters and how important your event is. Peter works closely and proactively with clients to make events successful, easy, and memorable – accommodating your needs and taste of music.

Corporate Events

Since launch, Peter Gonzalez, LLC have worked with and played for a range of clients whose diversity is matched only by their prestige. Peter Gonzalez has vast amount of musical experience to create the atmosphere and feeling for any bespoke corporate event.

Night Events

By signature design, delivering the perfect Nightlife soundtrack and DJ solution, Peter Gonzalez music soundtracks for parties and events have enabled him to build a reputation for seamlessly and skillfully blending the new with the old from all music genres.

Private Events

Whether you are a brand needing a high-energy dramatic soundtrack for a high-profile product launch; a luxury fashion name needing an elegant, refined, and sexy sound to accompany a store opening, Peter Gonzalez will perform above expectations.